About Us

Principal Activities

The principal activities of the Company is engineering, procurement and construction. The Company offers a complete range of services to suit the particular needs of each client ranging from total turnkey packages to executing discrete packages of work:

Pre-construction Services:
• Review of current schedule and development of detailed critical path management schedule covering all aspects of design and construction
• Design on site layout, temporary facilities and site establishment.

Project Planning:
• Determination of manpower, materials and equipment resources required to implement project schedule.
• Monitoring of progress and initiation of corrective action for deviations from schedule.

Design Liaison:
• Interaction with consultants to produce engineering design with emphasis on "build ability" and speed of construction.

• Purchasing, expediting, shipping and transportation of foreign & local equipment/material

• Provision of a wide range of construction services either as a main contractor, sub-contractor or member of a turnkey consortium.
• Provision of the full range of consortium management and supervision skills.

Quality Assurance and Control:
• Establishment and implementation of QA/QC procedures and manuals including on-site inspection and testing.

Cost Control:
• Establishment of a system for the provision of timely, accurate information on committed cost which highlight areas where remedial action is required.

Employer's Representative:
• Safeguarding the interests of the project company during design and construction including monitoring and reporting on design engineering, technical and contractual issues.