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Company History

As a subsidiary of Slipform Engineering (H.K.) Limited ("SEL"), the Company has its roots in the use of "slipform" technology, a civil engineering construction technique which was introduced by Mr Stewart Elliott, our Founder, to the Hopewell Group of Companies 1972 and has been further developed by Slipform Engineering since 1976. This technique allows the construction of multi-storey structures, chimneys, silos and other structures by the continuous casting of reinforced concrete, as opposed to the more time-consuming process of using conventional methods for constructing concrete structures.

This technique was an essential part of Slipform Engineering's success and was used extensively in the projects with which the members of SEL have been closely associated.

In 1978 construction work began in Hong Kong on the Hopewell Centre. With a slipform construction time of 13 months, work was completed in 1980. This was the tallest building in South East Asia, at that time, and for ten years the highest structures in Hong Kong.

From 1972 to 1980, 30 projects were completed to help meet the insatiable demands of Hong Kong's growing population for residential and commercial space. In 1984, the emphasis switched to the construction of power stations with signing of an agreement for the construction of the Shajiao 'B' power plant in China. By 1997 six power plants with a total installed capacity of over 6,200 MW were completed.